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East Gippsland Landcare Network

Anyone, Anywhere, Can Landcare!

What is Landcare?

Landcare is a “grass roots” organisation and in Australia is made up of more than 4,000 locally based community groups assisting volunteers to do something practical about protecting and restoring Australia’s unique environment.

Landcare maintains a unique partnership between the community, landholders, government and businesses all working together for the common interest of protecting and repairing the environment.

The East Gippsland Landcare Network Inc. is an umbrella organisation for Landcare Groups in the Bairnsdale and Districts and High Country region. The Network is run by a committee of Landcare members from different groups in the region. The East Gippsland Landcare Network is responsible for employing group facilitators and a project officer who support Landcare groups.

Today the East Gippsland Landcare Network supports 25 Landcare groups in the Bairnsdale, high country and surrounding areas. In total these groups cover an area of 176,879.5ha, and comprise around 700 Landcare family memberships.

How can I get involved?

Many different kinds of people take part in Landcare projects and activities; farmers (both large and small landholders), urban residents, families, schools and their students, professionals, and visitors from around Australia and the world.

Landcare members can contribute their time as they are able, from a few hours here and there to many hours a month depending on availability and other commitments.

There are many benefits of becoming a Landcare member including getting to know like-minded people who are also interested in protecting and enhancing the environment. Examples of activities commonly include:

  • co-ordinated and integrated pest plant and animal control,
  • erosion control and land rehabilitation,
  • The Landcare ethic is expressed though people’s caring attitude and a desire to pass on our planet to the next generation in a healthier state than the way we find it today.
  • There is no “typical” Landcare group. Each group focuses on what is most important to its members. This could be a local reserve, sustainable farming, erosion control, revegetating waterways or community education.
  • sustainable agriculture focusing on environmental and economical outcomes,
  • protecting remnant vegetation, revegetation of waterways, wetlands and rainforests, and the development of shelter belts,
  • accessing subsidised training, education and field days,
  • equipment hire including tool kits, planting tools and fully stocked BBQ trailer,
  • projects on public sites in urban areas, for example the Picnic Point Reserve, the Mitchell River Walk and the Tambo Bluff Environmental Precinct,
  • junior Landcare activities involving tree planting, education events and programmes through schools and sporting clubs.

If you would like to become involved in Landcare, please download and send back the attached membership form.

Statement Of Purpose Of East Gippsland Landcare Network

  1. To act as an umbrella organisation to provide a regional voice on Landcare issues in East Gippsland.
  2. To enhance the natural environment through the fostering of sustainable resource management.
  3. To raise awareness of and promote community involvement in Landcare issues and projects.
  4. To be a recipient of funding for Landcare projects.
  5. To undertake community education activities which promote these purposes.

History of the East Gippsland Landcare Network

The Bairnsdale farm Tree’s group established on the 19th of June 1981. This being the first formal farmers – landholder –group to establish within the Bairnsdale area.

The Bairnsdale Farm Tree’s group was 1 of 4 similar groups established across the State under the auspice of the Victoria Garden State Committee of 1981.  The group generally focused toward the retention, regeneration and planting of trees on farms, with the issues of tree decline considered a significant issue to the group. The group also focused on farm trees, topics such as soil conservation, waterway management, salinity and general issues concerning local landholders.

The early pioneering groups being Toms Creek Landcare group who formed in late 1988, the Bengworden Landcare group establishing in 1989 and the Cobblers Creek Catchment Landcare group forming in November 1992.

The East Gippsland Landcare Network was officially established on October 15th 1996. The Network reformed out of the Gippsland Landcare Conference Committee that was established as a coordinating group to host the Gippslandcare conference held in 1993.

The Network formed with a purpose to act as a support body of the then 14 Landcare groups which at this time covered an area from Perry River in the west to Cann River in the east. The Network would also become responsible for directly employing its own Landcare support staff.

Since this time, the Landcare Network have instigated major Landscape projects such as the Red Gum Plains Recovery Project and the African Lovegrass Control Program.

Current Situation

Today the East Gippsland Landcare Network supports 22 Landcare groups in the Bairnsdale and surrounding areas. In total these groups cover an area of 176,879.5ha, comprising of over 650 Landcare family members.

These groups can be described as: Rural, Perri Urban, Urban, School/ Institutes, Steering Committee’s, Junior Landcare.