Bengworden Logo, Stacked Green BackgroundBengworden Landcare Group

“Establish effective community action to manage land degradation and assist the move to more sustainable resource uses in the Bengworden and Meerlieu area”.

The Bengworden Landcare Group formed in 1989 and the group area covers 16,606 hectares. This area encompasses Bengworden, Meerlieu, Hollands Landing and Goon Nure. The group is situated approximately 25 km south west of the City of Bairnsdale.
The group has a membership base of 23 families, all of which are considered primary producers; their main source of income is derived from farming.
Currently, the main focus of the group is educating members in sustainable farming to increase knowledge in this area and allow members to address land degradation issues.

Contact: East Gippsland Landcare Network Support Staff
Phone: 03 5152 0600
Fax: 5152 6865
Postal Address: Po Box 1498, Bairnsdale, 3875