EGLN President

Peter Reefman (Flaggy Creek and District Landcare)

Peter Reefman is a happily married man who moved here to East Gippsland from Sydney in 2014. Buying a small hobby farm (43 Ha) put him on a path of trying to learn what this farming thing was all about, so he joined the local Flaggy Creek Landcare Group, went on lots of workshops and farm walks, joined the Topsoils program, and even ended up “accidentally” joining the Finance & Audit and Pest Plant & Animal sub-committees! THEN took a further step and became one of the EGLN employees as a Facilitator. Once that finished he felt a desire to continue assisting the Network and put his hand up for a role on the committee. He’s not entirely sure how masochistic he is!

Before all this move to East Gippsland and Landcare, Peter studied initially Marine Biology and then Environmental Biology before becoming a Uni dropout. After a few years working in a manufacturing company he spent several years in first IT roles as an application developer and then a project manager, with the latter getting involved in things outside of IT.

Besides his pervasive passion about the natural environment, Peter is also passionate about social justice, and cares for and about people. He is currently working at DELWP.