Erin Weir

I grew up in Bairnsdale where I went to Nagle College and spent a lot of my time participating in water activities on the Gippsland Lakes.

I have been in Townville for the past 4 years studying Marine and Environmental Science at James Cook University and enjoyed the warmer weather! Last year I was fortunate enough to be offered a research project in Townsville where I got to work with thousands of green sea turtles nesting out on remote islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Earlier this year I worked with Marine Parks in Cairns, where I helped conduct maintenance and compliance of the Great Barrier Reefs Marine Parks.

I recently moved back to Bairnsdale and I have just obtained my commercial boat operators (coxswains) certification. I am very passionate about the environment and I enjoy learning about all flora and fauna, research and projects that are occurring in our local area. I am excited about being involved with Landcare as I truly believe that passionate members of the community, like all of us, can truly help improve and sustain the environment and our resources into the future.

Phone: 5152 0602  or 0407671962

Email: eweir@egln.org.au