Paul Harvey

Paul is originally from England, settled in Bairnsdale via Melbourne after accidentally marrying a girl from Ensay and in 2007 decided on a late career change, spending two years at Forestech studying Conservation & Land Management.

Paul worked with Greening Australia during 2009, where he was responsible for the direct seeding of revegetation sites in the area as well as advising on native grassland management. He joined EGLN in January 2010, and since then has been the Group Facilitator for 10 Landcare groups as well as running the Network’s revegetation programmes. He is an active member of the Friends of Picnic Point Reserve Landcare Group, chairs the EGLN Revegetation Sub-Committee and sits on the committees of both the Gippsland Plains and East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Networks.

Phone: 5152 0608
Email: pharvey@egln.org.au