Peter Reefman

Peter Reefman

Peter Reefman moved down to East Gippsland from Sydney as a “tree changer”, buying a small farm in Calulu and busily started trying to learn more about farming than just being able to spell the word. He joined the local Flaggy Creek Landcare group and attended a number of farm walks and other Landcare events and then the TopSoils program, relishing the learning process and getting to know some REAL farmers!

It was all quite a change from being an office based project manager back in metro Sydney, but the lifestyle has been awesome.

While generally trying to keep a low profile in the Landcare space due to building a B&B cottage and running a small B&B business, learning about farming, joining the Flaggy Creek Fire Brigade, caring for his in-laws when his wife Donrita got a job in Melbourne that has her away for most of the week, hosting sporadic workawayers, and a few other things such as a part time role with a bunch of the Health Services across Gippsland, Peter managed to get involved with the Finance & Audit and the Pest Plant & Animal subcommittees. Then when the Health Services role was finishing and a Facilitator role was advertised it seemed a logical thing to apply. All he has to do now is LOTS more learning, and meeting the members of the groups and projects he is assigned to support.

Phone: 5152 0602

Email: (interim) harry.barton@delwp.vic.gov.au