Paynesville Landcare Coastcare

Landcare_subv3_Stacked_pos_cmykIn 2009 a group of people from Eagle Point called a public meeting that resulted in the setting up of an Eagle Point / Paynesville Landcare Coastcare group and that group has grown and expanded its projects since then.

The first of the projects in Paynesville was along the Sunset Cove Walking Track and as the subcommittee developed that project it became apparent that the group had grown sufficiently large to support Landcare groups in both Eagle Point and Paynesville, each focussing on local issues

Hence the formation in July 2013 of the Paynesville Landcare Coastcare Group (PLCG), with the first of its many projects being the Sunset Cove Walking Track.

PLCG’s aim is:

To protect and enhance the natural environment for all to enjoy through education and training, hands-on activities, and socialising”.

Our philosophy is:

Conservation and restoration of indigenous vegetation has important and long-term benefits for native fauna and the health and wellbeing of the community”.

The PLCG’s area covers the Paynesville peninsula which is surrounded by water on 3 sides and lies to the south east of the City of Bairnsdale.

The PLCG currently has 20 family or individual initial memberships, who formed this group since the Sunset Cove Walking Track project was announced – indicating significant local support for this project.

Name: PLCG Committee