Seen an Australian Water-rat?

Simply email the date and location of any sighting with any additional comments to (or phone 03 5157 5568).

Sightings from the past are welcome (even if you can only provide an approximate date) as they often help to establish how populations may have changed over time. Reports from areas outside Victoria are also welcome. All information is entered on a secure database and is only used for conservation purposes.



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  1. Hi I have been researching the water mouse (Xeromys myoides) here in QLD for the last six years and use camera monitoring as one of my passive methodologies.
    As the water mouse is only found in coastal wetlands of QLD, I often have sightings and amazing footage of rakali using the mud mounds made by the water mouse as inter-tidal islands to transverse between habitat.

    If you wish to contact me we can discuss these findings to assist your research. All the best with your projects and I will be relocating to Mallacoota very soon once my Master Degree is completed on the conservation of water mouse and its habitat.

    In good faith

    Janina (Nina) Kaluza
    Mobile 041010 8060

  2. Simon Aquilina says:

    Fishing at the Silt Jetties on the Mitchell River. Sunday 31st December 2017. Water rate eating muddled.

  3. Aldona Kmiec says:

    Yes, seen water rats on the Mitchell River in Eagle Point last year too.

  4. Peter says:

    I saw 2 water rats on the Severn River, Glen Aplin over the weekend just gone.

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