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Learn  how to identify different frogs

Fri 3 May 6pm-8.30pm
Local biologist Greg Fyfe will introduce us to the frogs in our area.
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Wildlife Diseases in Victoria

Bairnsdale Fri 29th Mar 1.30-3pm
Goongerah Sat 30th Mar 11am
Pam Whitely is coming to Bairnsdale and Goongerah to talk about the Victorian Wildlife...
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Netting Commonly Used To Protect Fruit Trees Can Be Fatal To Wildlife

Twenty-five rainbow lorikeets killed by one net
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Seen an Australian Water-rat?

Simply email the date and location of any sighting with any additional comments to...
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Hi I have been researching the water mouse (Xeromys myoides) here in QLD for the last six years and use… - Janina Kaluza  20-05-2017 11:56 Fishing at the Silt Jetties on the Mitchell River. Sunday 31st December 2017. Water rate eating muddled. - Simon Aquilina  31-12-2017 08:42

Mange Management Newsletter

Treating mange in wombats
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Water Rats – “Otters of the Lakes”

Wednesday 27tn November 11am-12.30pm
Are you interested in knowing more about this cryptic little native species?
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