Case Studies

Colquhoun North Arm Landcare Group

North Arm Rainforest
Frenchman’s Gully Restoration Project


Rainforests surrounding Lakes Entrance in East Gippsland are listed as critically endangered under the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

A major portion of the nationally significant Rainforest stands’ habitat (the largest in south eastern Australia) used to once stretch along the northern shore of the Gippsland Lakes from the mouth of the Mitchell River into the North Arm and included;

  • East Gippsland Deltaic Littoral Rainforest and Bung Yarnda Littoral Rainforest; and
  • Two Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (1988)-listed floristic communities of Warm Temperate Rainforest: Alluvial Terraces Warm Temperate Rainforest and East Gippsland Coastal Warm Temperate Rainforest.
  • Two nationally threatened and Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999)-listed species; Swift Parrot and Grey-headed Flying Fox

The Colquhoun North Arm Landcare Group recognised the significance of their local area and proactively decided to do something to improve it.

A picture tells a thousand words:

Cobblers Creek Catchment Landcare Group

Bairnsdale District
Forge Creek Reserve Project


The Cobblers Creek Catchment Landcare Group officially commenced in November 1992. The primary focus for the establishment of the group was to address the severe degradation of the creek systems and decline and lack of remnant vegetation. The group formed with the aim to encourage better land management within the Cobblers Creek Catchment through group discussion, community based field days, conducting visits to other regions and to share information with groups facing similar issues.

The main objective of the group is to undertake the necessary on round actions, in partnership with relevant agencies and organisations to enhance the Forge Creek Water Reserve.

The Forge Creek Reserve (The Reserve) is located on the East Gippsland Red Gum Plains, approximately 7km south of Bairnsdale. The Reserve is Crown Land Water Frontage and historically many areas were under grazing licence (often with adjoining landholders).

The restoration works that have been carried out within The Reserve, include many partners and multiple funding sources. The on ground activities that the Landcare Group has achieved include;

  • Through negotiations with landholders, cancellation of Grazing Licences (west end)
  • Stock exclusion fencing
  • Pest plant control including Blackberry, African Lovegrass and Serrated Tussock
  • Revegetation using direct seeding and tube stock plantings
  • Working bees to carry out ongoing maintenance

Recently, Cobblers Creek catchment Landcare group have joined forces with neighbouring Romawi Landcare Group with the aim of protecting The Reserve over its entire length.

A picture tells a thousand words:

David Brownlow – The Camp
Direct Seeding Project