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About East Gippsland Landcare Network

The East Gippsland Landcare Network supports 25 Landcare groups in the Bairnsdale, high country...

East Gippsland Women in Ag – leadership retreat

East Gippsland Women in Ag – leadership retreat

7-8 Nov
At Nowa Nowa on November the 7th & 8th (Thursday and Friday) there is...
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Melwood Picnic Park

FC&D History Board

Melwood Picnic Park
A large crowd was in attendance on Sunday afternoon 18/08/19 for the unveiling of...
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Happy Smiling Faces

from the 2019 Landcare Celebration Dinner
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Wild Dog DeFence Program

Is your property affected by wild dogs? Do you want to use a barrier...
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Farm safety extension office

free assistance to improve health and safety on farms
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Fire Recovery

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